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By continually varying the output power of our laser over the surface of an engraving, we can produce designs in raised relief. We use this technique to “weave” the strands of our symmetrical table designs around our table pedestals. The same technique can be used to carve organic forms in relief, as in the nautilus shell below. While the design of the computer file necessary to produce a motif in raised relief can be time consuming, the elegance and distinctiveness of the result more than justifies the effort. The examples below illustrate just a few of the design possibilities of this technique. Contact us to learn more or discuss your own design ideas.
Circle braid engraving
Triangle knit engraving
This three strand braid is wrapped tightly around itself in a circle. It can be adjusted to any size and made to follow any curved line.
This knitted pattern can be used to fill any shape. As with similar patterns, it can be scaled, rotated and depth adjusted to suit a particular design objective.
Nautilus engraving
This nautilus shell was distilled from an actual photograph.
Fish tessellation engraving
This fishy design is just for fun. It is a tessellation of interlocking instances of the same design.
Knit engraving
This woven pattern can be scaled and used to fill any shape. The depth of this and the other engravings on this page can also be adjusted as appropriate to the particular use of the design.
Siderius engraving on base
This is an example of the weaving of our Sidereus design onto the pedestal of one of our 52 inch dining tables.
Celtic square engraving
This celtic knot motif can be fit along any straight or gently curved line. A corner motif is used for sharp corners. The motif is ideal for the edges of a table pedestal.
Small Siderius engraving
This is a variation of the same Seven Stars woven design in raised relief. The design has been scaled down and carved onto one face of a table pedestal.
Grapes engraving
The central bunch of grapes in this carving is surrounded by a smaller version of the three strand braid, above.
Sun symbol engraving
The central southwestern indian motif is surrounded by ball and twist design that can be sized and fit along any curved line.
Monde engraving
This is a shallow engraving made from a photograph of an antique French map. Engravings from photographs are best made in lighter, fine grained woods, such as maple and cherry.
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Gettysburg address engraving
This engraving of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address on a spiral path illustrates how a favorite text may be engraved into a circular surface such as a tabletop.
Kokopelli inlay
This engraving of Kokopelli on a block of American walnut has been inlaid with maple. A similar process can be applied to the cutout pictures in our Portrait Gallery.