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The creation of each LaserForge Designs original combines traditional woodworking methods with modern CNC (computer numerical control) laser technology. Once a design has been selected, our first critical step is hand selection of the fine hardwoods and veneers from which the piece will be assembled, with a view to enhancing the individual character and design. Rough boards are then sized and milled smooth before the cutting of individual parts with our carbon dioxide laser. A typical 52 inch round table incorporates over 300 interlocking structural and decorative pieces, each of which is smoothed and hand-fitted following cutting to tolerances measured in thousandths of an inch. Profiled and interlocking edges are cut with traditional woodworking tools, and each piece following assembly is meticulously hand sanded smooth to the touch. Finally, multiple coats of a tough lacquer finish are applied, and tabletops are hand rubbed to a subtle satin sheen that protects and enhances the natural beauty of the many fine hardwoods from which each piece is assembled. For pictures and more details of our laser cutting and engraving methods, please visit our workshop gallery.
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