LaserForge Designs Portrait Gallery

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Inlay and cutout photography? It's not conventional and it is unique. From a photograph or drawing with good contrast, we can distill a one of a kind duotone picture, which can be cut out and mounted on a contrasting background, deeply engraved in solid hardwood or fully inlaid on a smooth surface in two contrasting hardwood veneers. As stand-alone artwork or a design element of a larger piece, our cut-out photography will not escape notice. Contact us if you would like to know more about this unusual design option.

Cutout portrait of Bogart
Cutout portrait of Einstein
Cutout portrait of Lincoln
Cutout portrait of Theo
Cutout portrait of Marilyn
Cutout portrait of wolf
Cutout picture of Harley
Cutout portrait of girl
Cutout portrait of Mike
Portrait of Bill and Jo
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