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Bowtie joint image
Walnut burl star
Detail of the tabletop edge. The “butterfly” shaped keys are solid walnut and draw together the twelve solid cherry arcs that make up the top of the four layered edge of the table. The outer border of the design is a cross grain inlaid walnut veneer.
Detail of one of the seven “stars,” inlaid with a dark walnut burl. The lattice is cherry, and the lighter inserts are American walnut, the grain of each piece oriented to complement the symmetry of the top.
Underside of table
Detail of the underside of one of our tables. The top is supported by four interlocking struts, the ends of which are inset into the outer border ring. The struts are fashioned from hickory, a very hard, tough wood from which baseball bats are made. The struts are securely bolted to a 1 inch thick sub-base of baltic birch ply, edged with solid cherry.
Sidereus base engraving
Detail of the engraving on the pedestal base. Note the variation in the depth of the engraving at different points to give the appearance that the design has been woven onto the column.
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We make our tables in a variety of designs, incorporating many different symmetries and motifs. We can also create a new design exclusively, or work with you to incorporate your own designs into one of our tables. Please click the graphic below on the left to view a gallery of our table designs. Clicking on the right hand graphic below will take you to our custom designs page.
Detail of underside
Detail of the underside of the outer ring border. Each of the four layers of solid cherry that make up the border are keyed together with walnut butterfly joints.
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Detail of foot
Detail of one of the contoured table feet. Each foot features a height adjustable shoe set into the bottom to protect the foot and compensate for placement of the table on an uneven surface.
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Lock miter
Detail of the construction of the pedestal base. The edges are permanently joined with a lock miter joint for maximum strength and durability over a lifetime of service.
Detail of inscription
Each table is individually identified with an attractive engraved label. We keep a photographic record of each table we create, should it become necessary to identify a particular table in the future. Although our tables may contain common design elements, each table is unique, with design elements unlike any other.
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Detail of foot bottom
Detail of the adjustable shoe inset on the underside of each foot. The shoe protects the foot and can be screwed out to compensate for an irregular floor surface. For placement on a wooden floor, a thick felt pad is affixed to the shoe.
Table parts
Our tables can easily be disassembled for relocation. The tops bolt to the base with eight antique bronze bolts that fit through the sub-base and screw into cross dowels set into the hickory struts. The base itself disassembles into six interlocking pieces with the removal of one hex nut on the bottom of the foot assembly.
Sidereus Table

Our 52 inch round table in our “Sidereus” design. The top features matched grain American walnut pieces set in a cherry Lattice. The seven stars in the design are inlaid with a distinctively figured dark walnut burl. The base is solid cherry with an engraved lattice wrapping around the column complementing the design of the top. The orientation of the inlaid pieces in the top causes the appearance of the surface to shift and change with the position of the viewer and the angle of the light--an effect we call “symmetry in motion,” sometimes referred to as chatoyance. Click one of the images below to view a video of this effect.

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